Welcome to a new era of insurance brokerage.

LION Specialty is setting the tone for a more inclusive, adaptive, and forward-thinking future. We are on a perpetual pursuit of the best - the art of insurance.

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Lion Specialty. More than just an insurance brokerage

At a Glance

Our clients are insurance companies, banks and investment managers.

Our team at LION Specialty consists of credentialed, high-performance individuals that specialize in the advisory and placement of insurance for these financial institutions.

Our present and future clients, teammates, and underwrtiting relationships form our community.

Our goal is to provide them with an adaptive ecosystem that harnesses the latest evolving technology, artificial intelligence and advanced analytics - so that as a team, we provide our clients with the highest levels of world-class service and solutions.

We exist to serve the community.

Philosophically, our mission is based on these principles:

Inspiring our team and the next generation.

Trading with long standing relationships in the global markets.

Servicing clients with better process, advice, and solutions.

Elevating our community with continuous improvement, maximum effort, consistent execution and meaningful value.

Meet our leadership team

Mark W. Flippen

Mark W. Flippen

Managing Partner

Hi, I'm Mark Flippen, and I specialize in helping financial institutions and private equity firms navigate the global insurance markets to maximize their coverage and protect their assets. With more than 22 years of experience in risk trading and business building at major global brokers, I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to my clients.

As a high-performance leader, I am dedicated to delivering world-class service to my clients and fostering a culture of excellence among my team. My extensive experience in the industry has allowed me to develop a three-part client service model that is steeped in the fundamentals of client service and includes a legal and technical approach, market-leading data and analytical client support tools, and relentless day-to-day execution.

I. Kiemnec

Natasha I. Kiemnec

Managing Partner

I help financial institutions and private equity firms optimize their insurance programs. We leverage long-standing underwriting relationships, utilize a suite of client support tools, and apply a process-oriented service model which enables us to service clients better than other brokers. I have spent 50,490 hours specializing in this industry; starting with the technical side of brokering to gain a deep knowledge of contract response to claims. I have traded in the global markets (US, Bermuda, and London) and focus on all corporate and property / casualty related lines.

Fun Facts: Pilates Instructor, Avid Traveler - 75 countries hit, and Scuba Diver

If you're seeking a detail-oriented, creative-thinking, deeply specialized broker within the insurance industry who provides world class service, we would love to connect. Let's chat about how our experience and expertise can help you achieve your goals.

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